Boiler Services

Comprehensive Boiler and In-Floor Heating Services

Unique Technology to Control Room Climate

Carlson Bros Mechanical Contracting offers Radiant heating and cooling system services that are used to control the climate in a room using unique technology. By using this system, warm or cool water circulates through flexible PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing underneath or inside the floor.
Through in-floor systems, people and objects are warmed by radiating heat up to the floor. Not only does it give warmth but it can also absorb heat back into the floor to provide cooling benefits.
Radiant heating or in-floor heating is ideal for distributing comfortable temperatures evenly in the whole room. This prevents cold spots anywhere on the floor and in the room itself.
floor heating system

Our Boiler Services

  • In-floor heating system design, installation, and repairs
  • An energy-efficient heating solution
  • Makes hard surface floors more comfortable to walk on
  • High-quality brands and products
  • Professional, expert service
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